Registration fee: $65.00* includes a leotard

Family Rate $85.00  *This is an annual fee

PLEASES CONTACT 3NMOTION for our 2020-2021  rates!

Monthly tuition starts at $70.00

Sibbling discount available

Boys dance Ballet free.


All of our students are require to wear the same leotard with our studio logo. 

3NM has a dress code for each class. A copy of our dresscode can be found at our studio. 

3'NMotion follows SJCS calendar. 

Studio is close during National  Holidays. Open during teacher planning days ​​​​​​​

3NM does not prorate. 

TUITION IS NON-Refundable 

Tuition is due the 1st of each month

Late fee: $15.00

All 3nm students are required to participate in our end of the year recital usually held early June. 
Recital costumes are $70.00 and up. Costume fees are collected starting in December
Recital fee: $25.00 Due in May
Not all classes perform on our recital. * Lil'Ballerinas
Additional saturday rehearsals may be required prior to recital. 
Privates are available upon request